One of the most uncomfortable parts of selling a home can be visitors who consider themselves an amateur home inspectors. As your hot water is tested, your closets perused, and your basement given a keen examination, that’s when you might realize hiring a home inspector for your residence is an excellent idea. Booking a Bellingham home inspector prior to putting a house up for sale is something the vast majority of homeowners do. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) and the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) conducted a joint study which found that four of every five homes sold nationwide had been evaluated by a home inspector, in Bellingham or elsewhere.

Best Bellingham Home Inspector

There are plenty of reasons to feel nerves when in the process of moving, and a qualified home inspector in Bellingham like Derek Worchel can make things easier. Of all the people involved when selling a home, the most neutral person and one who can be trusted with certain negotiations and decisions about needed repairs is the person doing your home inspection. This is true but only if Derek Worchel or someone of like experience is the one doing your pre-home inspection in Bellingham WA. Derek can help you determine which repairs to do first and how repairs should be priced. He can also help with discounts on repairs returned to the seller at closing.

What to Expect in a Home Inspection

An objective rooftop-to-foundation examination of the systems and physical structure is what home inspections in Bellingham WA provide. Much about the process is standardized. A typical inspection lasts approximately two to three hours. The standard checklist provides a simple guideline regarding what needs to be checked. Every state determines their own mandatory checklist, and there is one for home inspections in Bellingham WA. The ten areas of the home included in a basic home inspection are: ventilation, interior, insulation, the air conditioning system, electrical system, heating system, plumbing system, roofing system, exterior, and structure. What a knowledgeable, licensed home inspector provides goes beyond the checklist and can help cut costs while fulfilling obligations. An example of what to look for on the exterior involves protecting the home from issues associated with excessive moisture. The land must be graded properly so water is diverted away from the house. It can take the skills of a home inspector in Bellingham like Derek to recognize that water diversion is needed. Benefits of taking care of this issue include preventing possible vermin activity and reducing the chances of water intrusion into the structure. When you have the benefit of a qualified home inspector in Bellingham WA like Derek Worchel, you can gain the peace of mind in knowing that nothing has been missed and you have not spent money going above and beyond your responsibilities as a seller.