There are many benefits to hiring a general contractor in Bellingham WA, and deck cleaning to address moss removal is among them. Anyone who lives in Washington probably knows how prevalent moss is. The tiny plants thrive in the moisture common to northwest states. Mosses are often considered quite beautiful, in green, yellowish, and greenish brown shades. For homeowners who end up needing roof or deck maintenance in Bellingham, Washington, because of moss, the plants can quickly lose their charm. Moss removal can be complicated, especially when it’s being removed from rooftops. Deck maintenance in Bellingham also requires special care, to be sure no damage is done during the process.

Challenges of Moss Removal

It is common for deck cleaning in Bellingham to be needed because of moss. The clingy plant even adds an element of danger because it creates slipperiness on many surfaces, including decks, rooftops, and driveways. The task of removing moss must be handled with care. On rooftops and decks, pressure washing must be done by a professionals, to be sure the surface being cleaned isn’t damaged. Pressure washing is not, however, recommended for decks. Scraping is typically the best approach for moss removal and deck cleaning. Sometimes scraping isn’t enough, however. In such cases, a moss killer can be used. There are soap-based and acid-based moss killers. Care must be exercised when an acid-based product is used for deck cleaning. Some products could cause discoloration. Moss removal on a rooftop is the more complicated issue. The best plan of action is to cut tree branches that create too much shading on the roof, so that your roof doesn’t become an optimal place for moss growth. Once the moss has appeared, hiring a general contractor in Bellingham WA like me is recommended.

A General Contractor in Bellingham WA for Moss Removal

As a residential general contractor in Bellingham WA, I’m able to coordinate needed services, such as deck cleaning, while ensuring that high-quality work is handled with professionalism and at a fair rate appropriate for each job. With my extensive experience in the area, I’m familiar with the local experts who take pride in their work and consistently deliver customer satisfaction. Charging fair rates is an element of great service. broken links test Home maintenance is essential, to protect what is usually a family’s largest investment. In addition to deck maintenance in Bellingham WA, there are many other aspects to residential property maintenance. It can be dizzying for a homeowner thinking about handling a flooring professional, a painter, a plumber, an electrician, and other experts who may be needed for home maintenance and repair. Among the general contractors in Bellingham WA, I offer many years of experience and have the right connections to ensure each aspect of the work is done correctly. Moss removal as part of deck cleaning is among the many tasks that need to be handled by someone who knows what they are doing. One of the benefits of general contractors in Bellingham WA is that we are go-betweens who are familiar with the right people for every aspect of home maintenance.