If you are buying or selling a home, a professional property inspection gives you peace of mind. A professional inspection provides everyone with detailed information about all structural and safety aspects of the home. This can be a valuable tool for determining the true value of the property.

Professional Property Inspection for Sellers

For the seller, a quality professional property inspection identifies what a municipal official may find during certification. This examination is done before issuing a certificate of occupancy.Instead of making repairs late in the selling process, a pre-sale home inspection lets the seller get on top of of any issues. This helps the seller set the right asking price.

Show you are a pro-active seller and arrange for a property inspection when you first list your home. You can then discuss the results with the inspector and see exactly what the items on the report mean. This way, you can make repairs and small things won’t be overlooked. Be prepared for the inspection and make sure there is easy access to crawl spaces or attics.

You can make repairs without disrupting the sale negotiations. This may even lead to being able to ask a higher selling price. By addressing the recommendations of the home inspector, the seller can take care of cosmetic issues and make the property look its best.

Professional Property Inspection for Buyers

From the buyer’s point of view, a professional property inspection is important.  This way you can be confident of signing the papers knowing there is little chance of a major surprise. Documented repairs based on the inspection report prove the quality of the property. This is often necessary for lenders to provide the amount of money asked for the house.

If the buyer arranges for a property inspection, try to go along with the inspector. This is a great opportunity to learn all about what you need and if there’s a need for maintenance. As the potential home owner, you can understand how the heating and air conditioning system work. You can then prepare for any situations down the track.

Both parties need to be confident that the inspector who has gone through the house is certified or licensed. He should have a good understanding of all the systems and structural elements of a house. Not all local codes need licenses from people who call themselves ‘housing inspectors’. Make sure you ask this important question.

It is also helpful to see sample reports. Then you can be sure the information provided is clear and easy to understand. Ask for pictures. Then there are no misunderstandings about which pipes, wires or sections of a wall may be in question.

Professional property inspections are becoming more common. They provide so much worthwhile information to everyone involved in the sale of a house. Trusting a licensed, bonded and insured professional is the key. Derek Worchel is your go-to expert in Bellingham and all areas across Washington. Contact Derek on 360 216-7350 to book your property inspection today.