A professional home inspection has many benefits. For buyers, the number one reason to schedule an independent home inspection in is to keep from getting stuck with a “money pit.” Buying a home is a huge investment as it is. If the home is a money pit, more money is constantly being spent on expensive repairs. Avoid having to deal with this kind of buyer’s remorse – ensure you engage a professional home inspector before you begin negotiating the purchase price.

What Happens in a Professional Home Inspection?

The reason a home inspection is important for home buyers is because it provides assurance of whether or not a home is in good condition. There are many things considered in an inspection. From the roof to the foundation, a visual inspection is made of the physical structure. Mechanical aspects of the home are also carefully checked. The goal of a home inspection is to identify existing problems. If repairs are needed, the problems are brought to light through a professional inspection. For a buyer, the goal is to make sure there won’t be additional costs for needed repairs after purchasing the home.

A Home Inspection Brings Plumbing Problems to Light

Plumbing issues are not always obvious to a home buyer doing a walk-through. It often requires the help of professionals with experience, such as a qualified home inspector, to identify potential problems. The types of things I check for during a home inspection include:
  • Pipes
  • Fixtures
  • Appliances
  • Corrosion
  • Leaks
  • Water pressure
  • Plumbing equipment
When the plumbing goes wrong, a lot of damage can be done, and emergency repair costs can be expensive. A professional home inspection can help you avoid ending up in a new house that soon has broken pipes, major water leaks, slab leaks, or other potential plumbing problems. Bad plumbing is an issue that is often qualifies a home as a money pit.

Avoid a Home with Undiscovered Foundation Problems

Sellers use various strategies to ensure the sale of their homes. Sometimes a homeowner will go so far as to hide evidence of foundation problems. A home’s foundation is its most important feature. A good foundation is essential. With the assistance of an experienced home inspector like myself, you have an extra set of eyes to spot any serious issues with a home. Of course, fractures and cracks in walls and ceilings provide evidence of foundation problems. Poor drainage around a home could be a sign of foundation leaks. Uneven floors and stuck doors and windows also provide possible evidence that a home is in need of foundation repair.

Don’t Fall into a Financial Hole

Sellers have an obligation to disclose problems with a house they are selling. If costly issues aren’t identified by the seller, a buyer doesn’t want to get stuck dealing with problems the seller neglected to repair. The best approach is to avoid buying a money pit. Contact me, Derek Worchel, for a professional home inspection in Bellingham and aright cross Whatcom County.