Professional home inspections bring many benefits to buyers. Purchasing a home can be a complex and expensive process, especially for first-time buyers. One step you can take to smooth things along is to have a professional conduct a full home inspection.

Information gained from professional home inspections benefits buyers in several ways:

  • Finding problems within the home may be enough to keep you from making a mistake or at least reduce the price of the property to cover needed repairs or upgrades.
  • Joining the inspector provides the prospective buyer with a tutorial about how systems in the house operate.
  • Presenting an official inspection report to the mortgage company provides proof that the property is worth the investment.
  • Based on the details of a home inspection report, it’s easy to cover the property with the right kind and amount of insurance.

A home inspection help the buyer make the decision whether to buy a particular house. It can also provide information that allows for future repairs or renovations. For example, the home inspector not only provides details about the current safety and integrity of the home, he or she can offer a general idea about the life expectancy of things like the roof, furnace, appliances and siding so you can be prepared for future expenses.

An important element of the home inspection is ensuring that everything in the home is up to date with local building codes. This not only provides assurances that the home is safe, but it also prevents problems later on. If new work is done and the inspection for completion finds old issues that should have been updated.

Professional home inspections should be part of every sale

Housing inspections in most housing markets are only required when the sale is about to go through. The local official then declares the property fit for occupancy. This is why it is particularly important for home buyers to insist on a professional home inspection before becoming heavily invested in the property.

Since home inspections are not required before sales, there is little regulation of businesses advertising as home inspectors. Be sure to check the credentials of the person you are considering hiring. They should have proof of some type of training, a certification and the appropriate insurance. Ideally, someone performing home inspections has a background in home construction.

In order to get your money’s worth, be sure there is a clear checklist of things that will be inspected. Many basic inspections do not include out-buildings, fences, swimming pools, fire places or landscaping. If any of these items are a concern, ask and make arrangements if they are considered extras.

The bottom line for selecting a professional inspector is simple – don’t be afraid to ask questions.

If you are looking to buy a home in Bellingham or anywhere across Whatcom County, you can save yourself money and enjoy peace of mind by investing in a professional home inspection. All Services Property Maintenance is fully licensed, bonded and insured and an expert in home construction will perform your inspection. Contact ASPMWA today at 360 216-7350.