Derek Worchel has experience helping homeowners with the multi-faceted problems associated with moss. Whether growing on your lawn, on your driveway, or on your rooftop, moss can be removed. Professional moss removal can be challenging however. web archive It’s possible to damage your home and end up with the need for expensive repairs, if not done properly.

Moss on the lawn

Moss can thrive on your lawn if the grass isn’t growing well. Any lawn that does not have the right environmental conditions that favor turf grass is prone to have areas in which moss is thriving. ip Moss appears as a rough or velvety, yellowish or greenish mat. General contractors can help with every type of moss challenge, including successfully limiting or eliminating the growth of moss. The key is to create lawn conditions that discourage moss and encourage turf. Moss can sometimes be raked out but, if heavy and thick, a power rack or lawn de-thatcher may be needed.

Moss in the driveway

Moss on driveways is a common problem calling for professional moss removal in Bellingham WA annually. Moss can be dangerous on driveways and sidewalks because it causes slips and falls. On driveways, moss also causes vehicles to slip and is often the cause of vehicle collisions, even when growing in thin layers. Moss tends to grow and spread quickly. Most homeowners prefer to get rid of moss early on, before the problem is difficult to deal with. Tips for preventing moss on the driveway include preventing sprinklers from spraying the driveway and trimming branches and other foliage that hangs over the driveway.

Moss on the roof

Professionals can handle the important task of removing moss without damaging the roof. First, experts will distinguish between moss and algae. Moss removal is important because moss causes damage when growing on rooftops in Bellingham. Algae are purely an aesthetic problem. Moss can damage asphalt shingles, if not removed. A thick growth, it acts as a sponge, which keeps the roof damp. The edges of shingles are easily lifted up by moss, which makes the shingles far more vulnerable to being blown off in high winds. If not done correctly, moss removal can cause long-term damage, which is the best reason to trust an experienced Bellingham professional for the job. Preventing moss from growing on your roof in the first place is obviously the best way to eliminate the need for Bellingham moss removal. A few tips follow:
  • Design landscaping in a way that prevents trees from hanging over the roof.
  • Trim any branches or other types of growth over your roof, to reduce not only shade but also falling needles and leaves.
  • Keep your rooftop clean. If you keep debris such as needles and branches brushed away, you’re less likely to need moss removal.

Schedule a time for professional moss removal

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