Pressure washing is a form of home maintenance that brings many benefits. There are plenty of reasons to contact me, Derek Worchel, general contractor, to schedule professional pressure wash services that you can rely on. A pressure wash only has benefits when it’s done correctly. In fact, damage can easily be done, if the service is performed by someone who lacks knowledge and experience.

A good pressure wash protects your home

Unless you schedule routine cleaning, outdoor elements can seriously damage and stain your home’s exterior surface. Grime and stains can do permanent damage, if they remain on your house for extended periods. Layers of dirt and stains occur season after season. Pressure cleaning your home protects it from sustaining irreversible damage.

Save money by pressure cleaning your home

Pressure washing is excellent for preventative maintenance. Similar to gutter cleaning, power washing your home prevents the need for costly repairs to your home. Aside from potentially saving you thousands in repair costs, a pressure wash is among the least expensive methods of cleaning a home’s exterior.

Pressure washing is a time-saver

Other cleaning methods can be laborious and inconvenient ordeals. Activities that are not necessary when you pressure wash include:
  • Mixing of cleaning solutions that potentially have negative environmental impact
  • Climbing ladders
  • Time-consuming hand scrubbing
Contact me, Derek Worchel, for power washing services that will be done professionally and quickly. No harmful cleaning solutions are needed, and the job is done efficiently and thoroughly.

Remove allergens with a pressure wash

Bellingham, Washington, can be a tough place for allergy sufferers. During springtime, when pollination is in full swing, your home’s exterior can be coated with allergens. Pressure cleaning your home’s exterior can reduce the level of allergens in and around it. The amount of sneezing and coughing can be reduced with timely professional power washing services.

Pressure cleaning is perfect for prepping

Is it time to paint or refinish your home? Prepping the surface is important, to achieve best results. Pressure cleaning is the best way to prepare exterior surfaces. In addition to preparing for a new paint job on your home’s exterior, a pressure wash is ideal before re-staining your deck or refinishing your swimming pool.

Power washing provides additional health benefits

In addition to providing allergy control, power washing has other health benefits for your family. If there is a buildup of mold, mildew, algae, or dirt on your home, the health of your family can be negatively affected. The longer these elements remain on your home, the more hazardous they are to health. Pressure washing not only your home but also your driveway and walkways can create a healthier environment.

Book a pressure wash appointment today

Did I mention that pressure cleaning is also the least expensive way to give your home an instant makeover? Added curb appeal is one more benefit of power washing your house. So don’t put it off, book your pressure wash appointment today.