Home inspections help the market discover a home’s true condition

Similar to a mechanic looking under the hood of a car, home inspectors in Bellingham WA check out every aspect of a property. As a trained home inspector, I know what to look for during the extensive process of home inspections. There is no part of selling or buying a home in which an inspection is required, but it’s never recommended to enter into any type of contract for the purchase of a home without one. Benefits are for both sellers and buyers, but home buyers would especially be making a big mistake if the Bellingham home they were thinking of buying weren’t checked out by a qualified home inspector.

When a seller pays for a home inspection

If the seller schedules a home inspection in Bellingham, the seller pays for it. Likewise, if the buyer schedules a home inspection, the buyer pays for it. The following are some of the reasons a seller consults with home inspectors before selling their Bellingham home:
  • A home inspector who knows what to look for and communicates well provides the information needed to improve the negotiation process with sellers.
  • By getting repairs done ahead of time, as recommended by a qualified home inspector like Derek Worchel, expenses are lowered, since buyers can’t use a repair issue as a tool to diminish property value.
  • Home inspectors help homeowners in Bellingham WA get the best possible profit from selling. Following advice from the expert, needed repairs can be made economically and other issues can be addressed at minimal cost without devaluing the home.

When a buyer pays for a home inspection

Even if a seller schedules a home inspection, buyers are usually well-advised to hire their own. The reality is that not all home inspectors in Bellingham are alike. I have a reputation as a reliable home inspector who can be depended upon to provide an accurate assessment of a home’s condition. If a less experienced or less dedicated inspector misses a hidden major flaw, a buyer could have a lot to lose. The following are among the benefits of home inspections to a buyer:
  • A home may be structurally sound but otherwise have unseen problems that could be costly.
  • Some aspects of buying a home are critical for a buyer, such as the presence of mold or a pipe system that contaminates the water. Better to hire a home inspector than buy a Bellingham home blind and regret the decision later.
  • Even newly constructed homes need to be inspected. Assuming that a property is safe is always a gamble.

Contact experienced home inspector Derek Worchel

I have experience in diagnosing problems with a property that are far from obvious. In fact, an experienced consultant provides services that ultimately pay for themselves, in various respects. Whether buying or selling a home or desiring a home inspection for other reasons, contact me, Derek Worchel, at (360) 216-7350 or email me about home inspections in Bellingham at  info@aspmwa.com.