Adding a touch of luxury or simply added durability to your kitchen, bath or entryway, tile flooring is the perfect choice. The highly experienced floor tiling tradesmen of All Services Property Maintenance can quickly transform these or any other areas with a wide variety of tile floor for a great look, ease of maintenance and tremendous durability for an unbelievable price.

Updating your home by changing some flooring is one way to add beauty and value. With the wide variety of tile and stone flooring materials available today, you can have virtually any look you want at a price that you can appreciate. For a terrific appearance and a surface that is long-lasting and easy to keep clean, ASPM is the contractor to trust to install floor tiling in any area of your home.

Floor tiling adds value and offers tremendous versatility

Never before has there been such an abundance of floor tiling options with countless colors, patterns and designs. Tile, stone, vinyl and brick along with natural and synthetic materials for installation that can be tinted provide decorating options for any decorating style.
  • Porcelain ceramic tile, glazed or unglazed
  • Non-porcelain ceramic tile,
  • Terracotta
  • Brick
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Travertine
  • Slate
Additional popular options for using tile flooring are to create an apron around a doorway, fireplace, the base of a stairway, built-in bar or some other architectural feature. This provides a nice contrast with some other type of floor covering and can add warmth and character to any space. With the installation of radiant heating elements, a tile floor can also provide comfort on cold days. In addition to the ease of keeping tile flooring clean, the replacement of a broken tile can be accomplished without having to replace the entire floor. Although tile flooring is quite durable, accidents can happen so it is a relief to know that there is a simple, inexpensive solution.

Quality workmanship for beautiful results

All ASPM staff members are highly experienced and fully licensed, bonded and insured. Your satisfaction is our top priority so we take pride in doing each job right – no cutting corners! This means that your existing flooring is carefully examined and prepared so that all tiles lie flat and secure. Measurements are double-checked and each cut is precise for a great fit and true lines. Finishing is also an important part of the job so we will return to ensure the proper set of the tiles and to apply sealant when and where needed. As local tradesmen, our reputation in the community speaks for itself. We are dedicated to providing Whatcom County and the surrounding area with quality workmanship. Contributing to the region’s; economy by utilizing other local businesses whenever possible is another one of our priorities.

Start your new flooring project with a free consultation

When you are considering a floor tiling contractor, contact us at ASPM for a free consultation. We respond to all emails and calls quickly – always within 24 hours – and can set up an appointment to speak with you and prepare a free quote. You will benefit from our professional advice and appreciate the range of options we can share with you to help make the best choice possible. At All Services Property Maintenance, ‘we do it all’ with prompt, courteous and professional service.