Window Cleaning

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul and your home’s windows are the eyes of the house. For clear, lustrous glass, professional window cleaning is the best way to remove the dirt and grime that are deposited by rain and wind. All Services Professional Maintenance is Whatcom County’s leading window cleaning service and will maintain the beauty and clarity of all your home’s or business’ windows.

No one likes the idea of spending hours washing windows. Interior windows are bad enough, but exterior windows can be impossible to reach. That is why ASPM is the area’s leading window cleaner – we do all the work for a great price and you get to see the results right away.

Did you know what touches your windows?

Rain, sun and wind are the things most people would mention but that is only partly correct. The elements in the rain, air and run off from the house may amaze you! Not only do they contribute to the ‘dirt’ that makes windows dull, they can actually damage the glass.

  • Rust
  • Acid
  • Oxidization
  • Salt
  • Chemical Pollutants
  • Mold

Now that you know, you probably want to call right away! The reason these elements can damage glass is that it is actually slightly porous and without a good soap and water cleaning, can build up and harm the general quality of the glass and reduce its insulating factor.

We have the time and the tools

For effective window cleaning, it is important to have all materials within easy reach so the cleaning solution does not sit on the glass. Being able to conveniently reach the entire surface of the window is also important to avoid streaks. With professional ladders and equipment, our ASPM staff can easily reach all surfaces for a thorough cleaning. The job may actually be done faster than you could do it yourself just because of the convenience of having the right equipment! When the cleaning is complete, you may also choose to have us apply a clear polymer glass sealant to preserve the quality of your glass and protect against staining. As professional contractors, we also have been trained to spot structural problems such as missing caulk, rotting sills or loose siding. If such a situation exists, we will inform you so you can take the necessary action.

Prompt and courteous window cleaning service

We will return your call or email promptly and can schedule a visit to your property for a consultation within days. As a local firm, we are concerned about our neighbors and want to provide the best care possible for attractive homes and businesses that retain their value. All Services Property Maintenance is the place to call for all your window cleaning and home maintenance needs.