Gutter Cleaning

Gutters are intended to carry runoff water from the roof to a downspout and away from your home. That is, at least, if they are not packed with leaves and other debris. With buds and blossoms falling from trees in the spring and leaves coming down in the fall, gutters tend to get backed up at least twice a year. The professionals at All Services Property Maintenance are ready to come to the rescue with our professional gutter cleaning service so you can avoid the serious problems that from having blocked gutters.

Relying on professionals to clean and maintain your gutters is a wise choice for several reasons. Even if your gutters are on the first floor, as a home owner, falling from the roof or a ladder can be dangerous, if not deadly. Additionally, a professional is trained to spot problems that may cause trouble down the line such as leaks or loose nails. If there is a problem, our ASPM professional is right on the spot and can probably fix it without having to come back. That saves you time and an extra service call.

Gutter cleaning is more than just removing leaves

Aside from safety, the primary reason for professional gutter cleaning is the thorough job that will be done. Our ASPM staff is highly trained and fully licensed, bonded and insured so they know how to do not just the basic job but to check the entire drainage system. Downspouts are often overlooked during gutter cleaning but there can also be serious blockages in them that back the water up and cause it to flood over the gutters. The goal of gutter maintenance is to remove water efficiently so that there is not additional damage.

Thawing and refreezing water in the gutter can force shingles up and push ice dams up the roof. This enables water to leak into the house and cause damage.
Debris laying in the gutter can be the breeding ground for mosquitos and a home for carpenter ants.
Gutters that retain water become heavy and may pull away from the edge of the house exposing trim and siding to weather damage.

The average home owner will go up on a ladder with a garden hose, trowel and trash bag. ASPM professional gutter cleaners will do basically the same thing but on heavy duty ladders with stand-offs that reach all the way to the top, a safety harness, air blower, high power nozzles for a strong water spray, gutter scrapers, gloves and eye protectors. The proper equipment makes the job easier, safer and more complete. For gutter cleaning and complete home maintenance, you can trust All Services Property Maintenance – your local professional contractor for all your home construction and maintenance needs.