Moss Removal

Attractive in a country garden or around stepping stones, moss is not something you want growing on your roof. Moss fills in the spaces between roofing shingles, eventually lifting the edges, allowing water to seep in and cause extensive damage. Year after year, the cycle of freezing and thawing creates larger gaps and after a while, the under layers of the roof rot. If you have moss growing on your roof or pathways, you need the moss removal experts at All Services Property Maintenance.

Working on a roof can be a dangerous proposition for several reasons. First of all, the height of the roof and its slant make it difficult to get around. Also, it is possible to cause more damage to the roof by dislodging shingles or stepping on a weak spot and making a hole. For these reasons alone, you should always consider professional help for moss removal. All Services Property Maintenance has highly experienced staff who know how to do the job quickly, safely and for less than you might expect.

Go with the professional moss removal experts

With over 100 years of combined experience in construction, our ASPM staff know the right way to get any contracting job done and that includes moss removal. As professionals, we also have the right equipment to do the job without damaging the roof even more. The best part is that we can provide you with a thorough roof inspection to assess any damage that may have occurred as a result of the moss lifting or shifting tiles or shingles. That is an important step because if you do the job yourself, you may not know what to look for and discover leaks and other problems after the next rain. In addition to moss on the roof, it is also possible to have sections of siding where moss and other growths appears Algae, lichen and other plants may get a start in decaying wood or on areas that retain moisture so it is important to quickly inspect the entire exterior of your home to assess the problem. Such growths will eventually deteriorate any surface so removing them helps extend the life of the surface and ensure that your home is protected. Safety is the key issue: our staff is fully licensed, insured and bonded and has the correct equipment for any size moss removal job. Not only is personal safety an issue but we also take care to protect your home and the surrounding landscape by using proven moss removal products and techniques.

At ASPM, โ€˜we do it allโ€™

Moss removal is one of those jobs that, unfortunately, sometimes leads to more work. As a licensed home inspector, we know how to trouble-shoot and can inform you of additional problems we uncover as we handle the growth of moss on your roof and house walls. As local tradesmen, our reputation is important, so we take pride in our Whatcom County community and treat our customers like neighbors. Honesty and integrity are built into our philosophy so you can always depend on our advice. For moss removal and other roof and house cleaning needs, you can rely on the professional service provided by ASPM.

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